All our ready-mix concrete is produced under the European quality standard ISEN206 from our computerized batching plant in Coppeen.We supply concrete to Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Civil Engineering jobs. At our concrete plant we have a fully equipped quality control laboratory so we can do all necessary and appropriate tests as and when they need to be done.
We can do a specific mix design to suit your needs, or select from our standard range of mixes.

  • C8/10N
  • C16/20N
  • C20/25N
  • C25/30N
  • C28/35N
  • C32/40N
  • C40/50N
  • C50/60N
  • Screed mixes (for floors or footings)
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Pump Mixes
  • Strux Fiber Mesh Mixes (steel replacement)

All our sand and gravel products are produced from our screening and washing plant at Murragh which is 6 miles from Coppeen. Our concrete aggregates are produced under ISEN 12620 quality standard and are tested for sieve analysis and flakiness on a regular basis in our laboratory, and are constantly monitored.
Our products range is

  • 6mm grit (pea gravel)
  • 10mm chips
  • 20mm stone
  • 50mm stone (drainage)
  • 100/150mm stone (hardcore)
  • Pit run gravel
  • Concrete gravel
  • Block sand
  • Plaster sand

We also have a full range of crushed stone products clause 804, 50mm crushed etc.
We use all Admixtures as requested to reduce water/cement ratio or to increase workability or to act as rapid hardener.